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Working at

The Solution Provider.

We are a focused and tightly knitted team working towards a common goal of offering the highest quality in training. At SITA, we go beyond being a training institution. We are constantly refining our methodology and processes in order to provide solutions for workplaces.


Our flat hierarchy structure allows for constant open communication to review and improve our course offerings and management processes. Our common goal is to deliver content and solutions of premium quality for the betterment of the industry.


Safety is the key focus of the company. 


Our facilitators strongly believe that it is crucial for commercial divers to be equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to safely and effectively execute their objectives. Therefore, safety aspects of diving are constantly highlighted in order to imbue a strong safety culture within the participants.


SITA’s robust Planned Maintenance System (PMS) ensures that the diving equipment and facilities are regularly maintained, inspected, calibrated in compliance with standards and legal requirements. The maintenance team comprises qualified and competent personnel who support the facilitators and course participants for practical training out at sea.


We are committed to ensuring lifelong learning and longevity of your passion for ocean-related work.

Harnessing your core competency and experiences to nurture the next generation of divers. 

for Collaborative Partnership

Singapore stood resilient in 2020 despite the COVID-19 Pandemic:

  • Singapore’s container throughput has remained relatively stable constantly

  • Remains as world’s top bunkering port

  • Continues to rank amongst the top ship registries in the world

As ship repair and maintenance continues to be an essential need in Singapore, a pool of well-trained commercial divers is needed to support the industry.   Hence, SITA is keen to collaborate with stakeholders to strengthen the industry as a whole.

for Course Facilitators

We recognise the efforts of current and aspiring diving supervisors who have attended courses in order to equip themselves with in-depth information on roles and responsibilities of the position as well as to hone their skills on problem solving, and crisis management at work.


In pursuit of augmenting our current team, we welcome like-minded individuals who possess the necessary skill sets, qualifications, and have attained the necessary WSQ credentials in facilitating adult learning to join the SITA team as associate trainers.

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